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NEJ, 22 Spring/Summer “RECALL” Collection Digital Fashion Show
NEJ at Fashion Week Istanbul with its 22 Spring/Summer “Memory-Recall” Collection

OCTOBER 14, Thursday at 12.45

In the Spring/Summer 2022 “Recall” collection, Nej is inspired by the memory of “WATER”, the source of life. Every seed can begin every fetal life only in water, and our world is a colossal water treasure from which all forms of life emerge.

“WATER” and the oceans, with their vital values, give life to the global systems that make the earth livable for people. It is in our hands to protect aquatic life to prevent climate change.

Nej SS/22 Recall collection carries the life energy of “SU” from memory to colors, fabrics and forms, and becomes a choice for the holistic beauty and elegance of women.

Nej collections; The life cycle is prepared with respect to the eco-system and sustainable living principles. Emphasizing the biggest climate change we have experienced, the first of the series, Nej 2021/22 Autumn Winter “Circle” supports the life cycle of soil and nature, while Nej SS/22 Memory-Recall draws attention to climate change with Life Water Memory.

Advocating life for the climate crisis, Nej transforms the past into the moment for a sustainable future, creates it for the future... Redesigns history, cultural memory, from our roots to the future as a whole with nature, sustainable fashion and value.

From the moment life began, "Being" formed the center of life. While humanity's search for existence contributed to our world, it also brought destruction with it. We question our existence in the future.
To exist, to want to be found, to be found by whatever we want to find, to be whole….

Initiating a first in Turkey, raising awareness with organic and sustainable designs, and the pioneer of sustainable fashion, Nej "biodagradeble reveals a new awareness with closed loop technology and zero waste. Fabrics obtained from the liquid of eucalyptus trees from sustainable, protected and controlled forests, with sustainability principles and conditions, come to life in women's bodies with Nej designs. Life cycle love continues in the highest tones.

In the Spring/Summer 2022 “Memory-Recall” collection, the warm reflections of the sun accompany the tones of nature and the deep blues of the living water. While tranquility awaits in a pearl tone, fiery reds call for hope and passion, and Nej designs reach women with organic, sustainable biogradable fabrics. Light, soft sustainable fabrics display a relaxed attitude with calm, serene, fun pursuits and forms.

Transforming, transforming Nej designs establish a life bond from the past to the future with the natural coming from nature. Adding value to the transformable future, the cycle continues with the Woman of Nej, and existence turns into eternity in time…

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