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Niyazi Erdogan

Niyazi Erdoğan presented his Spring/Summer 2022 collection on October xx, 2021 during Fashion Week Istanbul.

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In his Spring/Summer 2022 collection, Niyazi Erdoğan takes the recent climate change events around the world as his starting point and infuses it with local stories, as always. Confronting the catastrophic outcomes of the major changes observed in the disappearance of wildlife and flora, the designer draws inspiration from Istanbul-related flowers that paint the city with their colors and elegance for the seasonal collection.

The Spring/Summer 2022 collection by Niyazi Erdoğan takes shape in the shadow of the climate change that the Earth is facing. After the challenges of staying confined to homes due to the pandemic, the designer brings flowers that feel good, look beautiful, give a breathing space, and tend to be forgotten amidst the hustle and bustle of the city to the collection. Even though the flowers are not specifically endemic to Istanbul, they occasionally appear around the city and surprise us with their beauty. The six flowers that the collection revolves around are Centaurea kilaea (knapweed), Centranthus ruber (red Valerian), Cercis siliquastrum (Mediterranean redbud), Crocus olivieri istanbulensis (İstanbul crocus), Lathyrus undulatus (wavy pea), and Pancratium maritimum (sand daffodil), each reflecting the spirit of the designs.

In keeping with tradition, relaxed silhouettes come to the forefront in the Niyazi Erdoğan Spring/Summer 2022 collection, which consists of 18 looks, five for women and 13 for men, with each design inspired by these six flowers. In addition to the styles that we have come to expect from Niyazi Erdoğan, the collection also features brand new forms and overshirts instead of slim-fit, lined jackets. High-waist pants and shorts are completed with oversized T-shirts, designed with bat sleeves evoking the V-shape of tulips.

Women’s styles support resort looks and consist of breezy pieces with dropped shoulders and kimono sleeves. The summer essentials, including swimwear and kimono sets, extend beyond the beach into daily wear. The selected flowers’ names are embroidered on all the designs, while the color palette of floral tones defines the collection’s overall character. Pink, lilac, fuchsia, yellow, mint green, and yellow tones are complemented with beige, the color of raw hem, serving as a background and enhancing the collection.

As another newness, the designer brings back his iconic bags this season. The accessories collection features two totes, one for everyday use and the other intended for travel and the beach.

Niyazi Erdoğan describes the Spring/Summer 2022: “For the printed fabrications, I preferred viscose, voile, and performance materials like swimwear fabrics, and I also used wool and hem to promote sustainability. In particular, the hemp denim pieces that we developed with Taypa are made with less water and stand out with unearthed effects.”

The collection’s location shoot took place in Istanbul, with eyewear sponsored by Mooshu and hair and makeup by Altıer Akademi. Oktay Bingöl created the video for Niyazi Erdoğan’s Spring/Summer 2022 collection. The video features a remix of Zeki Müren’s song “Bahçevan”.

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