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TAGG Spring-Summer 2022, Workleisure

As part of Fashion Week Istanbul Spring Summer 2022, TAGG introduces a collection that looks at today's home office concept from the perspective of fashion after the pandemic.

While there were pandemic-related changes during the period in all areas of life, various working models were experienced in business life also. A new less familiar “hybrid work model” has been added to the methods of working from home and office. Part-time home, part-time office model has turned out to be the most preferred working method of the new era, while changes in daily dressing habits and styles became inevitable.

Focusing on bringing home comfort to the office and making office elegance more functional with comfy pieces, TAGG has designed the Spring Summer 2022 collection by interpreting the needs and feelings of the period.

TAGG Spring-Summer 2022 collection adapts to the energy of the period with easy-to-wear versatile silhouettes. Sporty looks, adapted to everyday and office life, bring home comfort to the office. The pieces that adapt to our new everyday lifestyle offer an ideal reflection of the present days when home and office life are intertwined.

While tracksuit bottoms are matched with poplin shirts, we also see the same pants with satin bustiers and jackets. The shorts combined with tunics and boyfriend jackets evolve from a home look to an office look with a delightful transition. Pajama sets and kimonos designed from viscose fabrics with embroideries take on a new dimension and rapidly change space. Everyday fabrics such as poplin transform into different spirits with embroideries. Linen fabrics, which are indispensable for summer, surprise us with their looks from the beach to the office and even from the beach to the invitation. In the collection, where we witness many different identities of the shirt, we notice women skillfully dancing between styles in their busy business life, ranging from pajamas to dresses, from vests to jackets. Capturing the soft breezes and warmth of summer with pastel tones, the collection empowers TAGG women with growing silhouettes.

Combining plain forms with natural, quality fabrics and high craftsmanship, Gökay Gündoğdu underlines that he combines the essentials of the summer wardrobe with a new perspective. This attitude, which has been always the most important feature of his works, is felt in every detail of this collection.

TAGG excites women with its formula that will make women feel powerful again, even in this difficult process we are going through by abstracting the concept of space.

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