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Niyazi Erdoğan

Niyazi Erdoğan's FW21 "Hürkuş" collection, which premiered during Fashion Week Istanbul, is a tribute to Vecihi Hürkuş, a remarkable hero in Turkish aviation history. Following the intense pandemic phenomenon that transformed our world, Niyazi Erdoğan’s Fall 2021 collection is inspired by the vision of traveling through transoceanic geographies and rediscovering the world by imagination within a controlled social life.

Turkey’s great leader Atatürk once said: "The future is in the skies!” Hürkuş, who made many firsts in the history of aviation in the 1920s, from the first airplane flight to the first civil aviation academy, never lost his dignity and pride amid all the challenges and difficulties, as he promised; a true hero.

The collection opens with tan, mustard, and khaki shades and shifts changover to fuchsia, neon yellow, and ice blue palette. Taypa's hemp and denim fabrics are both within the scope of a quality understanding, and the collection has a colorful and dynamic street style. Although, FW21 collection’s leather is made entirely of apple scraps, Bayrampaşa Textile and Business People Association produced the Hürkuş collection’s knitwear. On the one hand, the woolen Fabrics Niyazi Erdoğan’s signature comes out with the incoming sporty touch, in addition to the bright lines reminiscent of superhero costumes.

“When I first faced off Turkish aviation history, Hürkuş's true passion for flying has caught my attention.” Niyazi Erdoğan said about his FW21 collection; “He was a soldier in the battle and was even arrested. He returned to his country after surviving and began working right away. Subsequently, he authorized the first domestic plane in a warehouse which he rented with permission from his job. Hürkuş is a significant hero for whom our civil aviation has made tremendous progress. He has, though, always had to deal with the issues that has brought to him, and he was never shown the respect he deserved. I wanted to thank all of our country's brilliant and valuable minds with this album.”