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4 Ways to be More Sustainable 
11 September 2021
4 Ways to be More Sustainable 
As we all become ever more aware of the serious environmental impact of our clothes, here are the clues about greener future.

1. Less is Better

Maybe the “Buy Less and Buy Better” cliché that has become a shopping mantra, but there is nothing like keeping up with the slow fashion trend. You can easily apply this mantra by closely following sustainable and teak brands such as Máh-Roc, OhSevenDays, Sculpture, One Square Meter and Darwin's Botanicals. Heralds of a sustainable and vigilant era, such brands both call on the consumer to "slow down" and show that they are on the side of nature with the sensitive policy they follow.


2. Protect Your Clothes

All the clothes we bought so far were disposable pieces. Retail brands like Zara, H&M or Bershka, but eventually we became conscious. By investing in 3-5 pieces a year, we are now inclined towards a consumption model that is both longer lasting and transferable from generation to generation. In addition, you can extend the shelf life of the items already in your wardrobes by not washing them unnecessarily.


3. Go For Secondhand and Vintage Pieces

Second-hand and vintage fashion, which has increased in popularity recently, is also a perfect way to open the doors of the sustainable world. Original Seconds, a brand that sells second-hand luxury brands, founded by Eda Gürkaynak, is a good start for those who want to add vintage touches to their wardrobe.


4. Avoid Greenwashing

Greenwashing is a harmful way of advertising that a company is greener than it is. What you need to do to not be a victim of greenwashing is very simple. If you come across such a claim, double-check it. Go to the brand's website and learn more. As a consumer, look past the pretty packaging and find out more about a company's production ethics.

Author: Zeynep Gür