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The Influence of History
26 June 2021
The Influence of History
A journey from the land of Ephesus, home of powerful Amazon women, to wild side of Istanbul.

Every single year, each designer had a new baseline and mindset throughout Fashion Week Istanbul. Some designers add a personal touch to their designs as a part of their deep vision, while others step through historical surroundings but also in their ability to use these references as cross-cultural markers to view their designs in a more wide perpective.

As ever, designers used local territories and historical backgrounds as a mirror of their culture; from Zeynep Tosun's in Ephesus to Murat Aytulum’s visit to Pamukkale…. Meanwhile, Gökay Gündoğdu offers a unique viewpoint on Istanbul's charismatic side. From the city's oldtown silhouettes to its sophisticated sidewalks, Sarayburnu to the Golden Horn... While 'flâneus' take a walk in the city, avant-garde designs shown in harmony with Istanbul’s nostalgic architecture. Any perspective on what Gündoğdu does is a wholly new rabbit hole to discover.

Murat Aytulum, who was searching for stability, equilibrium, and excellence for his audience, ended up choosing Pamukkale, which is on the list of UNESCO world heritages. Turkish designer uses the natural ambiance of Pamukkale travertines to point made clear, promising a more sustainable future with creations that also include vegan and washable leather components.

Dice Kayek was another brand influenced by Istanbul's historical parallels. Dice Kayek's founders, Ayşe and Ece, pair post-romantic styles with Pera Palace's neoclassical style, as well as original references.

All these historical influences—the Amazons, the Ephesus, the Kingdom of Arzawa—goes into what Zeynep Tosun’s designs. It's a multilayered, rich, traditionally eclectic, and embroidered array of clothing and accessories, equipped with deluxe metaphorical features like crystal-embroidered edging. Behind them was a giant set of a Ephesian ruins… Softly reveals its glorious existence without overshadowing Tosun's designs.

Sudi Etuz, on the other hand, one of the best designers when it comes to mixing historical quotations with untimely silhouettes. As is known to all, Eminönü is one of Istanbul's most noteworthy neighbourhoods, as well as a multicultural hotspot. Sudi Etuz transformed this historical place into a playground, embraced by spectrum of culture. Sudi Etuz honors her obsolete designs in Istanbul's underground world by reforming Şarkhan, one of Eminönü's busiest tunnels, into its own experimental fashion sphere.

Author: Zeynep Gür