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Women. Empowerement. Now.
20 June 2021
Women. Empowerement. Now.
From Zeynep Tosun’s feminine army to Mert Erkan’s powerful witches, Fashion Week Istanbul was an aspiration for female empowerement.

Fashion Week Istanbul has opened a portal of femininity empowerement. After all, from Zeynep Tosun’s female army to Mert Erkan’s powerful witches, all collections was an aspiration for women across globe.

Among them there was Dice Kayek’s postromantic showcase. Dice Kayek invites us to a Agatha Christie-like murder mystery in the neoclassical architecture of Pera Palace. The question is: “Who Killed Phillipe Stone?” Is the killer a butler or a watchman? Maybe the singer, maybe heir, or maybe a naive girl? Answer is, none above. It Kayek’s sends a clear message: When women support each other, incredible things do happen. Who can defeat an army of women gathering against all the murder accusations? Clothes are powerful, but the women who wear it are stronger.

Known as the most powerful women of mythology in history, Amazon women was a fresh start for Zeynep Tosun. Taking her inspiration from Amazons’ life stories in Anatolia —Ephesus, this alleged community is also known as the first women to rebel in a male-dominated world. Thick pearl neck collars, snake shaped earrings and earcuffs, metal braid accessories and sandals with trocs are worn by Tosun’s modern female warriors. New moon, sunrise and awakening of the nature symbols are artisanal, made by the designer and her team. Tosun’s latest collection Apasas — which means “City of the Mother Goddess” in Arzawa Kingdom back then— is a true celebration of pure power and femininity.

—The Boss Lady, The Woman of Her Word, The Golden Girl, The Gentle-Woman, It’s Woman’s World— All these things you have heard are the slogans for Özlem Kaya's new collection called KÜLHANBEYİ. Referring to Ottoman period, it was a time when people were tolerant of each other’s religion, language and gender differences. To visually express this androcentric time period, Özlem Kaya’s noble womankind has been gathered around masculine lines, extreme shoulders and one-piece creations.

Designer Mert Erkan, on the other hand, takes feminism in a different dimension and glorifies femininity around modern-witchcraft. Inpspired by American Horror Story’s witch-themed episode Coven, Turkish designer embodies the archetype in his latest collection to challange patriarchal society. Erkan’s council of worthy women is against all societal assertiveness and instead of dark magic; they use lace gloves, socks, high boots and avant-garde belts as ingredients. Less dramatic, we guess

Author: Zeynep Gür