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2022 Resort Trends
07 September 2021
2022 Resort Trends
See all the trends of Resort 2022 collections.

1. Overdress is the New Black

Layers are not meant to be modest this season. Layers that take on exaggerated forms show themselves in many forms, from dresses to tops, from cardigans to shirts. From Nina Ricci's overlapping layering to Coach 1941's winter-ready style coat and Burberry's linear transitions, you should get familiar with this new trend as soon as possible.


2. All Day Leggings

All the attention is in the legs! Resort 2022 catwalks, which host colorful transitions from Christian Dior hyper galaxy to Gucci's logomania dominance, Burberry's color breakdowns to La DoubleJ's floral habitat, will be talked about a lot this season as well. In addition, luxury leggings, which take on many forms from scuba feel to graphic patterns, are ready to give you a more polished look.


3. Stretchy Looking

This trend feels familiar, yet... Air yoga, maybe? The body-hugging silhouettes aren't there to stretch your body this time, but to elevate your style. The invasion of tulle, which starts at the neck and covers the entire body, is essential for a feminine look. Tulle, which was also seen in the runways of Givenchy, Prabal Gurung, Chanel, and Marina Moscone, takes on fluid forms and dominates the Resort 2022 season.


4. Drawstring Dress

Drawstring dresses by Christian Dior, Stella McCartney, and Louis Vuitton are the eye-popping pieces. User-friendly dresses with drawstrings to adjust the level of cling and hem length.



Author: Zeynep Gür