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4 Signature Looks from NYFW
13 September 2021
4 Signature Looks from NYFW
Let’s found out the most remarkable looks of New York Fashion Week.

1. Cristian Siriano

Inspired by the Italian women in his life, Cristian Siriano is absolutely here for the drama. The famous designer, who created a nostalgic collection inspired by the orange dress that his grandmother wore in the photos of the 60s and 70s in Positano, is creating a feast full of romantic references. Siriano's voluminous looks, especially those with gigantic ruffles, which also appeared at the Venice Film Festival, were undoubtedly among the signature looks of New York Fashion Week.


2. Prabal Gurung

“All I wanted to do was create a collection that showed the world what beauty may look like. I truly believe that the world is a better place with women.” Welcome to Gurung's game, in which gender stereotypes are broken. If you ask him, he believes that women make the world a better place. His non-binary silhouettes exemplify this. Prabal Gurung continues to set the rules of the game by drawing a strong feminine portrait by eliminating sexual identities with remarkable forms.


3. Moschino

Ladies, let's get together for lunch.

Moschino's new Ladies Who Lunch collection is all about pastel outfits, cropped jackets and toy elephants. “It's very ladies who lunch, but it's also nursery rhymes, so it's baby lady,” Scott explained behind the scenes of his seasonal theme. Gigi Hadid returned to NYFW following the birth of her baby Kai, holding a baby bottle as a hidden gift for Kai.


4. Proeanza Schouler

The trip to Kauai by Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough was more than enough to inspire this collection. This is how the creative duo's new collection was born, with the fresh air of the island, scuba and surf figures, nature's bright color palette, and Maui's native flavors stuffed into their return suitcase. Mentioning how "healing" travel is, Hernandez and McCollough duo attribute all this optimistic mood in their collections to this.

Author: Zeynep Gür