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5 Beauty Trends from the Fall/Winter 2021 Runways
04 July 2021
5 Beauty Trends from the Fall/Winter 2021 Runways
From Dries Van Noten's humble red lip to upcoming bad hair day methods… Here are the season's top beauty trends.

1. Bad-Hair-Day Fix

Audrey Hepburn's exquisite headwear "turbans" were a popular trend on the Fall/Winter catwalks in 2021. Turbans are the winner-piece for sure, from Anna Sui's eclectic wearables to Max Mara's country-casual outerwear silhouettes. Not just turbans, but also other sorts of hair accessories, such as bandanas, were all over the place. From silky bandanas to monogram-patterned headscarves, these goods that remove the "bad hair day" are among the newest crazes.

2. TSpontaneous Eyeliner

Trying to draw straight eyeliner is a thing of the past. Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini, Chanel, Erdem, and Dior are among the brands that agree with us. This season, eyeliners were bold and creative, from make-up artist Fara Homidi's frantic Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini portraiture to Erdem's sharp gaze, from Chanel's loaded lashes to Dior's heavy and structured looks.

3. The Bold Lips

Red lips are total “girls’ night out item.” Don’t you think? It’s iconic, and reckless. Eventhough, red lip has been updated in a variety of ways. Sportmax, Libertine and Salvatore Ferragamo have reminded us all femme-fatale classic; the effortless look of a red lip with a party dress. Whereas lipsticks are muted and focused in Dries Van Noten’s portrait of beauty, but in Westwood's, the settings are—you got it—all clothed in gold. Nina Ricci's metallic accents, on the other hand, are as striking.

4. Joe Exotic Territory

We're guessing that anyone who saw Netflix's iconic Tiger King documentary already know what this title means. With its genderless posture, this vintage hairdo, which reaches down from the neck and has ringlets that resemble a mouse tail, blew winds on the runways. These choppy mullets, as they're known, have been popularized by Tom Ford, Proenza Schouler, Ferragamo, and Sportmax, to name a few. This is unusual, yet it's "awesome!" There was a sense of style.

5. The Color of the Future

What color would the future be if it had one? Metal from head to toe, without a doubt. The Fall/Winter 2021 runways were transformed into a sci-fi scene thanks to this "futuristic" color, which was evocative of the well-known dystopian films of the past, such as 1984 or Brasil. From Ferragamo's shiny silver bodies to Nina Ricci's metallic-clad portrait of beauty and even 3.1 Phillip Lim's crystal lips, metal ruled the runway.

Author: Zeynep Gür