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5 Fashion Themes for 2021
17 July 2021
5 Fashion Themes for 2021
How did life used to be before the virus? That part, believe us, is becoming extremely blurry. So, what would life be like with post-pandemic? How will life be with the virus, to be more specific? Let's take a look at the many possible outcomes that the fashion industry may face.

It is obvious that the Covid-19 outbreak is with us for a while. So how will this state of collective acceptance affect the themes of the fashion world in 2021? In a period when we are increasingly stuck in the "four walls", we closely examine the sanctions of the desire for shopping, the urge to socialize, and the sanctions of the increasing digital investments on the fashion world and new themes emerging in this direction.

The focus of consumers will undoubtedly be companies that respect the environment, transparency is the key word of every consumer. And brands will be accountable. According to McKinsey's State of Fashion 2021 report, large companies such as Zara and Nike had to close most of their stores and lay off employees in the last year, and as a result they turned their route completely to digital. In this new era, which they see as "the beginning of a truly bionic customer experience", it is possible to say that brands will move away from the clichés and turn to personalized offers.

In this context, which themes await the fashion world? First of all, people will gradually make the virus their normal, and instead of waiting for the virus to end, they will learn to live with it. In this direction, global brands will set aside their vague attitudes and take more flexible steps by making quick decisions.

Another current theme that is already waiting for the fashion world will be the search for justice. Consumers, who make more conscious decisions, will research every detail, from the production stage of the product to until it’s on the shelf, before buying a product, and will choose that brand accordingly. This will lead brands to be more sensitive and characterful to consumers.

The "less is more" trend, which has been whispering in our ears for a while, will show itself well in this period. Brands will slightly reduce the dose of the "weekly" collection range that causes consumption frenzy and look at it from a broader perspective.

One of the trends that are slowly coming into the agenda is local orientation; In other words, this market is a suspended trade of international tourism, fashion companies will necessarily turn to local production and adopt a strategy to improve domestic markets. In this case, a great challenge will be waiting for the well-established brands, especially in the global market. These brands, which completely turn their eyes to the foreign market, will both establish interest with their own consumers and remain on different marketing models in order to generate new revenues.

Finally, with COVID-19, another trend that has lately been added to our action plan is the work revolution. So, what does this indicate? In fact, the on-premises and remote work models are mentioned here. In other words, the once-obsolete idea of a home office is announcing a new age in which certain individuals have become indispensable.

Author: Zeynep Gür