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Fashion Week Istanbul Day Three: Mert Erkan, Özgür Masur, Y Plus by Yakup Biçer
03 May 2021
Fashion Week Istanbul Day Three: Mert Erkan, Özgür Masur, Y Plus by Yakup Biçer
Here's everything you missed from the second day of Fashion Week Istanbul featuring Mehtap Elaidi, Mert Erkan, Özgür Masur and Y Plus by Yakup Biçer.

Witchcraft, dark arts and some other evil... Mert Erkan's theatrical ambiance was an ode to Ryan Murphy’s horror drama anthology American Horror Story. Supernatural, occult and grungy! Erkan’s FW21 collection called ‘Coven’ —named after one of AHS seasons— was dedicated to independent women with a story to tell. Using mostly silk taffeta and satin, bulky poplin, gabardine and lace, the designer emphasized wearable and sustainability in mystic forms. Metal accesories, extravaganza belts and dominant jewels, lace gloves, and Lady Gaga kind of boots, Erkan’s collection has never been explored before.

Combining art and fashion seems the right way ahead for Yakup Biçer. Talented designer stay focused on Ebru art — one of traditional Turkish painting techniques— and every single piece suddenly became canvas to add a pictural touch. Japanese style and Turkish motifs were both in perfect harmony and absolute conflict, just like Ebruli. Cobalt blue and vivid red carries a wavy and abstract attitude while uplifting quilted jackets, parachute fabrics and behind-the-scenes bodysuits.

Once again, Özgür Masur used bold garments to fill the stage in his new collection. Bold colours such as greens, blues and femme-fatale reds stole the show, while moving fabrics and effortless drapes were instead used to highlight geometric cuts and feminine silhouettes.

This season Mehtap Elaidi’s latest manifest was a strong one: “This collection is our way of materializing this dichotomy and providing both a cozy feeling of safety and a chance to take on one’s wild side on a ride when the need arises.” Unapologetic standouts and comfy classics were served in a dualism twist. Comfort-luxury is possible Elaidi proves. Stylish yet comfortable silhouttes arise from abstract cut outs, draping and rushing, hand-knits, and printed quilts. The idea of dualityis carried over into collection's theme as well as the fashion film, which portrays two different models with two different looks and aesthetics but the sincere dialogue between them is pure harmony.

Women empowerement is one of the Istanbul Fashion Week’s hot topics. (Which is saved for the later.) However, Mehmet Emiroğlu’s FW21 ‘About’ collection was committed to influential women.Each of 24 look has a different saying and character. Color palette is low-key, but supported by adventitious forms and smocked cuts. Mixing masculine/feminine items with genderless approach, Mehmet Emiroğlu reveals a collection look forward to.

As Turkish designers create future-oriented, optimistic and delicate collections, there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully, world will become a better place after all.

Author: Zeynep Gür