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Top 5 Collection of Sudi Etuz
21 July 2021
Top 5 Collection of Sudi Etuz
Meet the exquisite Sudi Etuz collections, the brand of Şansım Adalı, leading the way, no matter how the fashion climate shifts.

1. Fall/Winter 2018-19

Fluffy tulle? Yes please. The most sophisticated version of leather? There is also that. The "herringbone" effect on the arms… Whatever you look for in Sudi Etuz's fancy fashion encyclopedia. The appointment of flamboyant forms with electric colors, the timeless stance of feminine lines, and unobtrusive volumes were among the highlights of Sudi Etuz's Fall / Winter 2018-19 collection.

2. Fall/Winter 2019-20

The collection, which presents sculptural forms with distinctive black and fuchsia, with tulle transitions that are the signature of the brand, in a high glow, paired with deep neck openings and multi-piece dressings. Sudi Etuz's Autumn/Winter 2019 collection was one of the most memorable, as Şansım Adalı, founder of the brand transformed her path into a natural game of knitting.

3. Spring/Summer 2020

Did someone say denim? The collection, which has orange, green, and khaki color reflections on various materials like as tulle and silk, as well as tying and corsage methods in semi-transparent textures and artist Yonca Karakaş's "hi-tech" prints on swimwear, demonstrates a fully independent position in quest of a new woman figure. Sudi Etuz's experimental and imaginative approach quickly resonates with this hunt for a new type of denim. The bright colors on the fluffy layers add to the collection's "fun" aspect.

4. Spring/Summer 2021

Let’s take a walk on the wild side. Spring/Summer 2021 collection was characterized by items that referenced untamed nature, with tropical motifs, leopard prints, and floral motifs outplaying. While the tulle we've come to expect from Sudi Etuz in every collection is simpler and more harmonious this time, the dominance of shiny leather and wild patterns on the stage draws attention.

5. Fall/ Winter 2021-22

For fall, Sudi Etuz woman needs a festal attitude. Thousand colors of the rainbow are on the visible part of the iceberg, forms that are the enthusiastic celebration of Far Eastern culture, and silhouettes that eliminate gender stereotypes... It was perhaps one of Sudi Etuz's most striking collections.

Author: Zeynep Gür