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Genderless Talks with Yakup Biçer
13 June 2021
Genderless Talks with Yakup Biçer
Taking a moment with Yakup Biçer to talk about genderless fashion and beyond.

1- Describe your latest collection in three words:

Inspiring, strong and genderless.

2- What is your favorite look from your latest collection?

The sophistication that defines "New Cool" in our collection — regardless of gender— we have avant-garde and comfortable look that changes the perception of style with unexpected layers. Quilted white shirt and black trousers, combined with long kimono with marbled patterned sleeves is our favourite look in the collection we exhibit.

3- What was the most significant source of inspiration?

I was inspired by Ebru Art. Suminagashi, which has its roots in Japan, passed into our culture as an art of marbling. From the moment the paint falls into tragacanth, we see that the colors are both in harmony and in conflict with each other. This casual attitude, the dynamic reflection of the unexpected fascinating patterns that have developed spontaneously, was my inspiration in creating our pattern in our collection. I designed the collection with Japanese style and Turkish motifs inspired by this story.

4- Which movie speaks to your sense of fashion aesthetic?


5- Which artist inspire you the most?

Yayoi Kusama

6- How does genderless fashion and sustainability related?

The Future…

How will we shape the future of fashion? And where do we go from here is the most important question of our age. There is now a change: We are entering an era of slowing down, which is brings innovative and more creative processes. Creating sustainable fashion lies at the heart of the future of fashion.

In a transition towards fashion simplicity, creativity can be sustained here, being genderless and drawing a path that is sensitive to the world; and I think the beastly fashion is at the heart of this formation. In today's world, we see that the concept of genderlessness is more prominent in the field of fashion. Nowadays, there are no certain standard patterns of clothes, so people do not have to comply with certain standard patterns either. Designing clothes that can be worn everywhere, suitable for all occasions is also an issue that I pay attention to.

We prefer pieces that we can use without separating the season, so we prefer pieces that we can use every season, not just products that are used for a season.

Author: Zeynep Gür