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Sustainable Talks with Hatice Gökçe
12 May 2021
Sustainable Talks with Hatice Gökçe
Taking a moment with Hatice Gökçe to talk about sustainable fashion and beyond.

Hatice Gökçe was born in 1973, graduated from Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts and opened her own design studio in 1998. Gökçe, a visionary of Turkish men's fashion design, won her first prize in a Best Design competition in 1998. She's known for experimenting with new materials and techniques to reflect not just the fine balance between nature's harmony and technical assertions in her projects, but also the ease and accuracy, lushness and profundity.
Her brand typifies the perfect mix between sophistication and warmth. Gökçe has always been a leading figure in the Turkish fashion scene, with her particular taste in texture, never-ending free spirit, and exciting, up-to-date avant-garde designs.

1- Describe your latest collection in three words:

Heritage, Traceable and the Future.

2- What is your favorite look from your latest collection?

My favorite photo is with the Ehram Cape design.

3- What was the most significant source of inspiration?

It is the dream of Ehram, a hand-woven product with cultural value, to get out of the geography where it is marked and travel around the world.

4- You’ve been involved in eco-friendly fashion for a long time; what was your biggest challenges since then?

Producing less was seen as a failure.

5- What kind of sustainable steps do you take in your personal life?

I shop as much as I need. I choose durable clothes. I cleanse my life of things I don't need.

6- How can we produce more responsibly?

By thinking more and producing less.

7- How can we consume in a more responsible way?

To embody our needs and to rework, renew, evaluate or transform those that will meet them. After doing all these, you will look at consumer products differently.

8- Which luxury labels do you think determine the rules of ethical fashion?

I think labels such as sustainable, renewable, traceable determine.

9- What are the main problems you see in the fashion sector today?

The indifference or maybe even ignorance of the authorities, the wrong definition of value, the delay in creating or naming a design identity of its own.

10- If you could give an advice to the new generation, what would it be?

You will make all the existing definitions again, I would say feel free to be brave when defining the new one.

Author: Zeynep Gür