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Çigdem Akin


I was born at dawn,
In the middle of nowhere.
They called it Zöhre.
Accepted like a mother, like soil.

You gave birth to sons and daughters to the unknown to be seeds.
You wouldn't expect that those women would give up on their heritage.
In the back room,
In the side garden,
Women waiting behind the sun.

We didn't know girl, in this age of higher intellect,
We didn't know.
However, life consists of a handful of earth, a little breath and a sip of water.
Will you throw it into the fire?
I know you won't.
You are the light of Zöhre.

Now, at dawn again,
The unknown is my testament as it flows with the first rising star;
You will return to earth,
Return back to earth!

Çiğdem Akın goes back to her roots with “Zöhre”, the name of the morning star that shines before the sun also her
grandmother’s name, and emphasizes the sanctity of not giving up in this world of endless possibilities, which we call

With her 2022 Spring-Summer collection, Çiğdem Akın wants to draw attention to the impact of climate change on life
on earth. Selim Akar was the director of the fashion film, which was shot for this purpose and was completed after an
intense preparation period lasting six weeks, and Samet Pişirici was the cinematographer.

In the movie, we watch the struggle of the women warriors against the destruction of the universe. Zöhre is a strong
heroine who shouts the importance of protecting water, air and soil, which mother nature offers us as a blessing and
whose value we are actually missing to appreciate. Mother Nature will not stop telling this until she dies. Our duty is to
stop postponing the inevitable and finding the courage to produce sustainable solutions.

In the collection, which focuses on natural wool fabrics, the terracotta, light yellow and clear blue, which represent the
first rays of the sun, and pure white, which represents hope. In hand-woven gold embroidery, the traditional Anatolian
motifs come to the fore.

The script of the movie was also written by Selim Akar. The make-up sponsor of the project is NARS, and the hair
sponsor is MEHMET TATLI. The original music of the film is composed by Serhat Erdem. Filming took place in Yüce
Sera Çiçekcilik and Gültekin Antik in Istanbul.

"Çiğdem Akın's "Zöhre" fashion movie will be presented to fashion followers as part of "Fashion Week Istanbul".
Organized by the Istanbul Ready-to-Wear Clothing and Apparel Exporters' Association (İHKİB), FWI; Turkey
Promotion Group (TTG), Fashion Designers Association (MTD) and Istanbul Fashion Academy (IMA), established
under the leadership of the TR Ministry of Commerce, via the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM).