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Y PLUS by Yakup Biçer

What do you encode in your life?

What boundaries did you allow to determine your lifestyle for you?

We live in a world where, without realizing it, we actually code everything.

We like to set our boundaries so much that we continue our lives as if we have given them a concrete code. We encode our life, our future, our culture and even our art.

This is exactly the reason why the 2022 summer collection includes code prints that you will see on both clothes and accessories. A summary of what we have wanted to tell since the first collection is actually a collection of ‘CODE’.

A man can wear a skirt. A woman can wear masculine. There is no gender in dressing up. If you have any thoughts that make you believe there is gender in dressing, you have already seen one of the facts that you have encoded in your life…

Summer 2022 collection, in addition to denim with splash, rose and code printed designs, Y Plus is actually on its way to diversity in itself. The patterns and especially the layer effect we see on the arms are also a blink of an eye to the style of the 90s.

Gloves that have been used since the first collection are stand in the new collection in a more minimal way.

The Y Plus By Yakup Bicer collection carries different patterns and aims to change the perception of style with sophisticated, avant-garde and comfortable, unexpected layers that define the “New Cool”regardless of gender. Our brand's gender-free identity is central to our interaction with gen Z.

Fashion Week Istanbul, organized by ‘Istanbul Apparel Exporters Association (IHKIB’), FWI; is supported by ‘ Turkey Exporters Assembly TIM which established by Turkey Promotion Group  TTG’, the Fashion Designers Association (MTD) and the Istanbul Fashion Academy (IMA), under the leadership of the Ministry of Commerce."