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Gökhan Yavaş




GOKHANYAVAS, who presents the Spring-Summer 2022 “Imbat” collection as a part of Fashion Week Istanbul, is inspired by the Aegean wind in the beautiful memories of his childhood.


The images of the collection:

 "Imbat" is a small break in life away from the city, which comes blowing from the old heritage stone houses intertwined with nature in the intimate streets that warm people's hearts, combining the songs of birds with the sun, saturated with blue, green and a lot of peace at the sunrise of a summer day. An Aegean wind blowing warm from roads where the stones are aligned, from indispensable scented soaps, to the memories of childhood reminding the coffee on sands, making even begonias that attract the eye with their vivid colors dream of decanters. So here is the birth of GOKHANYAVAS 2022 Spring-Summer collection: “IMBAT”


Inspired by the figures in nature, GOKHANYAVAS 2022 Spring-Summer collection consists of vibrant and dynamic colors that take fashion lovers back to their childhood. The wide collection, which also includes pastel tones of prominent colors such as orange, blue and green, includes 22 outifts and 55 pieces. There are 6 bags and 7 accessories in the collection, which was showed at Fashion Week Istanbul after London Fashion Week, with its patterns and striking cuts reminiscent of the spring and summer times.


The film, which was screened at Fashion Week Istanbul with a different fashion film right after the digital screening as part of Fashion Scout at London Fashion Week, was shot at the Beykoz Kundura Factory with a model staff of 11 people. Orçun Mutlu was the director and photographer of the fashion show. Choreographed by Arif Örük, while Alper Erbudak was the stylist of the collection. Sabit Akkaya and his team took part as the hair artists and Altier Academy team took part as make-up artists.


FWI, organized by the organization of the Istanbul Garment and Garment Exporters ' Association (IHKIB); T.C. It is supported by the Turkish Promotion Group (TTG), which was established under the leadership of the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) under the leadership of the Ministry of Commerce, and is conducted in cooperation with the Fashion Designers Association (MTD) and the Istanbul Fashion Academy (IMA).



Born in İzmir in 22.11.1988. Graduated from DEU Fine Arts Textile and Fashion Design in 2012. Then completed the education programmes of IMA; “Leather Wear, Shoe and Accessory Design” in 2013 and “Fashion Design and Management” in 2015. Did internship at designers and companies like ÜNİTEKS, MUDO-FTS 64 and SÖKTAŞ. Worked as a designer in “Tornado Leather” between 2013 and 2015, and in “Damat & Tween” between 2015 and 2017. Attended shows, contests and prizes are; “New Gen Show”, Fall 2017 Men Collection,’Byakko’, 2017, 24th Koza Young Fashion Designers Contest, Runner-Up Prize, 2016, “New Gen Show”, SS2016 Men Collection, ‘Step Up’, 2015, "IF Wedding Fashion Performance Show", ‘Butterfly Caught’, 2013, Detail Leather, Product Design Contest, Shoe Category, Second Runner-Up Prize, IF Wedding 2nd Wedding Gown Design Contest, Winner. Today he took his place in streetfashion by his own brand; named after him “GOKHANYAVAS” in August 2017. His passion is to bring a brand new look to his street fashion. Therefore, the brand met with new customers on 13-14 September 2017 “The Core Istanbul” and showed his style for the first time.

Participated in Mercedes Benz Fashion Week with his first own-named collection on 27 March 2018.


Instagram: @gokhannyavasofficial


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