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Mert Erkan

The second period of Fashion Week Istanbul 2021 was held digitally between 12-15 October 2021.

Designer Mert Erkan shot the Spring/Summer 2022 fashion-film and lookbook at the Historical Husrev Kethuda Hammam in Ortakoy/Istanbul.

Inspired by the philosophy of "Hedonism", the designer is in this collection; starting from the word meaning of hedonism, he wanted to refer to all the definitions and theories it contains. The designer, based on the definition of pleasure according to Aristippos; he took a general approach to the access to happiness, real pleasure, success, target points, love, the different ways of the human brain and many desired points, and named the collection “ACCESS”. By definition, it treated access in a subjective and abstract way.

A total of 20 looks are exhibited in the collection; interpreting different connection points with his own subjective attitude, Erkan reflected the combination of cut-out details, different fabric and color mixes, ornamental stitching details, ring buckles, oval and sharp lines on the forms. Going through 4 colors, the designer used the colors white, green, metallic gray and purple.

In the fashion-film, all production of which was undertaken by Asil Cagil; Best Model of Turkey 2019 winner Derya Eksioglu, Dilara Kursun, Melisa Aslan and Deniz Tekin took part.

Ufkun Media and his team took the video shoots, while Edip Gündogdu did the lookbook shoots. Make-up was done by M.A.C. Cosmetics Turkey and hair designs belonged to Mehmet Tatli Coiffeur.