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Hakaan Yıldırım

Hakaan Yıldırım FW21 was presented within the scope of Fashion Week Istanbul with an archival collection that confronts the audience with our time and time itself.

The collection is inspired by Hasan Boğuldu, a 1990 Turkish movie about the legendary story of Hasan Boğuldu Waterfall, depicts the Yuruk culture within a colorful flannel frame. The choice of fabric in this collection was shaped by the influence of this community, who preserved their roots as they were and has adopted a nomadic life in Anatolia for centuries, without changing their clothing styles, only communicating with the language of the colors forming their exclusive patterns, while preserving the variety of the said patterns, without any additions.

Flannel, with an alphabet of its own, formed of colors and pattern, the language of the designer turns into a synthesis of traditional fabrics and new age fabric qualities produced with today's technology and passes through the filter of traditions within the Hakaan Yıldırım archive. This collection is a fusion of the state I am in and the geography I come from thrown sewed together with threads of time.

The designer explains by saying; “Like the awareness and acceptance of my loyalties, roots, and this collective consciousness, in such times that disable us from determining our direction in a state of hovering, hanging in the air. Maybe that is the very reason why I’ve carried this collection with me for so many years hesitant, readying to conceive it. With prejudice and a vague arrogance, the Flannel, whom I’ve loved from afar, was resting inside, in my heart, in my mind and in my hands, finally moving up to tell its story through me.”

Completed with the cut-out technique, which we can call a dominant technique in the collection, the voluminous pieces are impressive examples of high stitching, while the collection, which consists of a mosaic of geometric shapes and organic forms, re-translates an old language with patches and textures, in the voice of Hakaan Yildirim.

With its history, colors, stories and Hakaan Yıldırım’s translation, Hakaan Yıldırım FW21 collection invites fashion to an internal journey. In the words of the designer, this collection, embodies our mood with all its depth and reveals to the eyes,transforms the vision of Hakaan Yildirim to the viewer's own vision in every detail.