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Özgür Masur İstanbul

In his new collection, Özgür Masur takes us on a nostalgic tour yearning for the past.

Thursday, October 14, 14:45

Özgür Masur presents a new collection that contains the feeling of letters written to the past with their longings, memories, and desires at 14:45 on Thursday, October 14, as part of Fashion Week Istanbul Spring Summer 2022.

Far away from the pollution generated by the chaos of the digital world, the collection is based on a quest that makes people feel their true values with the memories they left behind. Deviation from real values, the discomfort of the effort to detect and show a more virtual profile to a mechanical mindset is examined.

A longing for the past and forgotten memories in a world where everybody has given up being themselves and kept meeting the needs of the virtual world. Unwittingly, it is a mood that is missed as you remember, and become emotional as you miss it.

Özgür Masur tells a scent, a memory, and a story rather than digital photographs or videos. From his music to his forms, he makes an inquiry that begins with his childhood, his youth, the happiest remembered memories, showing them and returning them. He brings the gaze and emotions to the essence.

The 30-piece collection, staying true to the primary colors of Özgür Masur brand, uses ecru intensely and interprets spring and summer in a unique tone with fuchsia, blue, and lavender. Chiffon, crepe, and organza, which constitute the DNA of the Özgür Masur brand, are indispensable in the collection using organic fabrics.

Origami folding and draping, which are the main principles of the brand's techniques, form the basis for the collection. After a long time, the collection unveils the most romantic form of lace and chiffon combination. Generally, experimental drape compositions made up of stiff materials dominate the collection.

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