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DB Berdan


MARCH 2022


At Fashion Week Istanbul, DB BERDAN showcases a digital show that includes a new generation athleisure collection.


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DB BERDAN is a young and sharp, London-based urban lux brand, launched by the matriarchal Turkish designers Beg Berdan and Deniz Berdan. DB BERDAN collections focus on genderless clothing and the eradication of heteronormativity, aiming to unite a community of like-minded individuals, that are not defined by sex, race or gender. The brand also leans on World’s issues such as pollution and consumption of its resources focusing on the contribution of fashion industry.

DB BERDAN’s socially advanced garments embrace every part of postmodern society and its passionate and spirited collections of streetwear and athleisurewear take inspiration from social rights movements, underground culture as well as environmental issues of the planet. Their designs bring a sense of pride and freedom of speech to their collections, evoking prevalent messages, as a form of protest.

Established in 2012, Istanbul-based DB BERDAN is defined as an environmentally sensitive and innovative London-based brand. The pioneer of hyper-street style, DB BERDAN is a designer brand that likes to tell stories with its own approach. Combining street style with activewear, DB BERDAN follows fashion trends whereas not giving up on functionality.

Deniz Berdan, the founder and designer of the DB BERDAN brand, commuting between London and Istanbul; dedicates her activewear collection, consistsing of functional pieces, to women who perform on the stage of life all day long, whether in the gym or not.

Living between Istanbul and London, the designer presents new collections to fashion lovers by taking part in a digital show at Fashion Week Istanbul. The designer's new collection is seen in the company of models in the fashion video-show presented under Fashion Week Istanbul at Soho House Istanbul’s movie theater.

The designer's inspiration for the collections presented within the scope of Fashion Week Istanbul is fabrics that offer technical comfort by nature and are noticeable; but it takes it from the blending of an aesthetic perception. The brand presents its designs that combine form with functionality to women who adopt the lifestyle of multitasking, which is the result of modern life.

Combining active- streetwear with daily comfort, the collection also promises a wearable elegance in nightlife. The collection, produced with ecological awareness, combines comfort, luxury-sports approach with a feminist attitude. While technical pieces help the body and skin, in some models, technical sports fabrics and denim fabrics combine to turn into looks that everyone would like to have. Retro-effect suits, on the other hand, evoke the desire to have the whole look. While yoga and pilates-friendly designs offer a unique elegance for all kinds of sports activities, it creates a hybrid collection that can be easily used on the street or in the gym with its cuts that better show the body lines, and the stylish details as well as the resistance to high performance.

Whether at work, in a meeting or in the gym... DB BERDAN's new collection calls for women wherever they sweat at, and will never let them down...


DB BERDAN is a London-based brand created by Deniz Berdan and Begum Berdan. For DB BERDAN, clothing doesn’t need to be driven by social labels; they aim to unite a community of like-minded individuals that are not defined by sex, race or gender. Within the pandemic, DB BERDAN has taken a bold action to morph their image into a functional, more compact style of living. The designer duo have marked four pillars for their collections: Functional, trans-seasonal, sterile and ethical. The brand has adapted into the new world with two collections: One is the main collection that is consisting of genderless, next-generation upcycled couture line, the other agile and tactical athleisure wear for women. It is a hybrid brand that creates upcycled, hand-sewn one-of-a-kind items alongside with athleisure line.

Instagram: @dbberdan & @denizberdan & @begberdan