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Selen Akyüz

A joint collection for men and women by Selen Akyüz: Less is better

Designer Selen Akyüz's Spring/Summer 2022 Men's and Women's Collection is grouped around the theme of emotional response, which will be the strongest and driving force of consumers' needs and desires in the coming years.

With this collection, Selen Akyüz emphasizes adopting natural materials and minimalism as a mentality rather than just aesthetics, focusing on "less" and "better" instead of more.

This collection, where men and women meet in common details, fabrics, forms and patterns, consists of natural and cotton-based fabrics and offers a wide color palette around the tones of nature. While timeless, confident draped silhouettes are the main focus of the collection, they bring men and women together in a common harmony.

Designing her collection with the "less is better" mentality, Selen Akyüz states that by focusing on durable products, she aims to create a timeless and versatile collection that slows the pace of fashion and keeps up with the demands of a modular wardrobe where pieces work together seamlessly.

The electropop duo Lonasona, which reveals sincere and emotional aspects and on the other hand, has a dancer and positive spirit, accompanies the collection with their song "Peach in the Fridge".

Complementing its spirit with the views of Istanbul's most exclusive beaches, the collection provides its energy in collaboration with Reebok and creates collection integrity with Reebok's Zig Kinetica II model, designed with a new generation sports-style understanding.