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Dilek Hanif


Dilek Hanif wanted to cherish life while celebrating the end of a pandemic era with "positive energy, the joy of living". Summer is a time to rejoice life; while sunset is dancing in the sky generously with colors, we are enjoying the exquisite splendor of summer nights. There is something about summer that excites everyone and designer is fascinated by long summer day’s poetic turn into dazzling nights and created a collection to spark summer get-togethers.

Spring/Summer 2022 collection is a real melting pot of many-hued colors, shifting from sunset shades to the glittery nights, playful designs and inspirations reminiscent of a perfect summer night.

From perfectly tailored modern daily wear to flowing, romantic gowns, vivacious summer energy is central to the collection.


Designer presents a modern and contemporary collection that embody a soft femininity with a goddess side. Feminine, flowing silky chiffon dresses, and shorter, cosmopolitan silhouettes, in favor of delicacy and finesse as well as presenting a spectacular woman with asymmetric shoulders and generous drapery.


Dilek Hanif enrich the latest Spring/summer collection with a revitalizing and strong color palette. Traditional black colors infuses with shades of fuchsias, light yellows, sky blues, and metallic colors. This palette of colors mergers surprisingly with modern prints resonating summertime paintings.       


Sustainability inspires designer to focus on natural materials, especially summer fabrics of cottons. Light jarseys for draped dresses, flowy silky chiffons for glamorous spirit, silver and copper metallic fabrics for dazzling nights, silk sateen for soft feminine looks and comfortable crepes reflects the self-confident and joyful spirit of the collection.