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Emre Erdemoglu



Emre Erdemoğlu draws inspiration from military costumes, military forms and textures from history in his 2022-23 Fall-Winter collection which was inspired by many names between 1900-20s, contains important details used in history. The collection gets its soul from the photos of soldiers in albums taken from the old cases. Emre Erdemoğlu 2022-23 Fall-Winter collection is dedicated to all our soldiers who have passed through the military today.

In all details, the traces of military uniforms used 1900-1920s are interpreted in a language adapted to the present day, and military forms are adapted to the collection. The designer, who processes different characters into his collections every season, presents the “MILITARY” collection to fashionistas with a different way of expression by taking inspiration from retro military costumes this season.

Focusing on the reality that is not dramatized, exaggerated, fear-free depictions of the future, reflections and all kinds of visual expressions, Emre Erdemoğlu's men's clothing collection gives a dynamic attitude to classic men's clothing, with its innovations highlighted in the proportions and new cups that make you feel the difference especially when worn. The collection does not compromise on the strong connection between the concepts of elegance and decency. This innovative collection covers the looks that complement each other with a holistic structure, quality product groups that are liberated thanks to each part, qualified details, versatility, visual richness and different alternatives in all areas from fabric selection to forms.

Inspired by the retro military uniforms of the 1900-1920s, the collection blends with the style of today's fashion trend and includes oversized coats, high epaulette jackets, suits with plenty of pockets, metallic closures, military details and flying trench coats.

Timeless classical interpretations, integrated with details created with an experimental attitude, give the opportunity to re-perceive the traditional attitude. The two-decoupled collection, in which cold colors are presented together, becomes more striking and fun. The collection, prepared from special finished fabrics, strengthens the claim to breathe new life into the Turkish style. It is used in obvious, non-apologetic and unexpected ways. The key point here is to balance youth enthusiasm with dark and sharp visuals by playing with bright, saturated colors against heavier blacks. The overall effect is mainly related to the idea of self-expression, and although this trend has obvious appeal for young men, it is meant to redirect some of the sharpness to more mature customers.

Emre Erdemoğlu, who makes you feel the traces of military uniforms in his color palette, provides emotional calm with oat milk, honeycomb and Italian clay tone to make you feel a primitive sense of luxury. In the collection, where the aviator blues are in the majority, the jacaranda flower (blue tropical flower) and the copper rust gently revive the soul. Calm blue and bay leaf also play a healing role in the collection.

Trousers developed with high-waist cuts of different fits, jackets with wide shoulders and baggy silhouettes, patterns with rounded shoulders expand the depiction of the collection. In this season, where the mastery of creating a younger and more striking silhouette is concentrated, special sewing techniques reveal an optimistic attitude towards the future with tailor-made craftsmanship.

Fashion Week Istanbul (FWI) is organized by Istanbul Ready-Made Garment and Apparel Exporters’ Association (IHKIB) with the support of Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM) under the leadership of the Turkish Ministry of Trade and in partnership with the Fashion Designers Association (MTD) and Istanbul Moda Academy (IMA).

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About Emre Erdemoglu:
Emre Erdemoğlu graduated from Dokuz Eylül University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Fashion Design. Consolidating his career with a master's degree, the designer began studying at Haliç University. He attended seminars and interviews at many universities. She received the second prize at the EIB Fashion Design Competition with her first Collection “Chest Stain”. He has received awards at many national and international competitions. Then the designer, who was invited to Italy, held his first fashion show in Italy. Erdemoğlu has been taking part in various fairs and organizations in Turkey and abroad and has been exhibiting his collections for the last five seasons at the “Pitti Imagine Uomo” men's fashion fair. Emre Erdemoğlu, who held his fifth fashion show in Italy in 2012, was awarded the prize with his latest collection. In the same year, he founded the brand ”Emre Erdemoğlu". Erdemoğlu, who advises various companies, has presented his eponymous brand for sale in the “Istanbul Fashion Incube”. Then the designer, who presented his second collection for sale in the Beymen Blender store, attracted the attention of Vogue Italia and met with the Turkish Leather Brand in a joint project. Having completed an eight-page special fashion shoot for Vogue Italia, the designer worked as a design consultant for numerous textile companies between 2009-2017. The designer is currently preparing collections and giving trainings to brands outside of his own collections.

Instagram: @emrerdemoglu