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Sudi Etuz, FW22, DALYAN
At SUDIETUZ, Şansım Adalı presenting the underwater dreams.
“Connective, Rich, and Poetical Vivid”

“Dalyan,” one of the fishfarms in Turkey, Adana where Şansım Adalı is from, the creative director of SUDIETUZ. Şansım is bringing the underwater life with its all luminescence in her Fall Winter 22 Collection. “I presented the streets of Adana in my previous collection, now I want to take you to the Mediterranean coast of my beloved Dalyan.” Ş.A.

The collection is about “SUDI” the first part of SUDI ETUZ which is about Şansım’s roots, dedicated to her father. The family immigrated from Syria in late 19th century to Adana, Turkey. When they came to Adana they have been called “SUDI”. They located in the spectacular lagoons of Adana and established a fishfarm named “Dalyan”. Where is also a historical monument, home for thousands of birds and has an amazing natural landscape. Şansım has grew up in this Dalyan with her childhood dreams of sea and its abundance.

In SUDIETUZ AW22 Collection the pieces with the most recognizable, made of sequins are presenting the splashy vibe of Mediterreanen sea. Coming in vivid blacks, shades of blues, sunsets of oranges and fuchsias. Micro tiny bras, super mini skirts and sculptural dresses multiplying the women’s strong figures. Her signature origamic tulle textures are in its next level by hand sewn patch technique, combining with wide cut denims, oversized down coats and semi precious stones. This season, inspired by Dalyan, Şansım is imagining her sea poets, bouncing night dreams with dark blue sequined strapless dresses, multi layered tulle dresses. All pieces worn with severe boots questioning the masculinity of the fluid.
Dalyan is also famous with its “Blue Crab” which is one of the hardest to procure in the sea. Challenging but worth to fight for. Blue Crab is one of the treasures of the underwater and in the collection it is represented by hand embellished crystal accessories shaped as blue crabs. We also see precious three dimentional earrings made with the collaboration French accessory brand ROUSSEY (Yann Tosser-Roussey).
And as Şansım’s plot twist, we are seeing all pieces in different cities of the world. In her fashion video presented in Kırım Church, İstanbul all the girls are on their world trip, one in streets of Istanbul, the other is in NYC, Paris and many more... We always see Şansım with her game in game kinda fashion presentations.
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