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Dice Kayek

Intrigue and grandeur, mystery and murder — this is a tale of a murderous affair. Dice Kayek invites us to a post-romantic drama this season, "Who is the Murderer?" which took place in the atmosphere of Istanbul's iconic Pera Palace hotel.

Dice Kayek combines her distinctive approach to post-romanticism with original references from the century, capturing the characters of an Agatha Christie-like fairy tale. In this short film, the collection is shown with veteran Turkish players. With the Dice Kayek FW21 set and a powerful cast, you're invited to solve this mysterious murder in the magical atmosphere of Pera Palace.

Is the murderer a butler or a security guard? Perhaps the singer, perhaps the heir, perhaps a naive young lady?

We leave the Ottoman masterpiece of Neoclassical architecture behind and embark on a lighthearted quest to discover who murdered famous playboy Phillippe Stone? The fun ups and downs pique our interest while moving our focus from one character to another, given the strong cinematic influence of the 60’s.

Each style emphasizes of each individual actor, with voluminous outfits, short cocktail dresses, tailor-made clothes, and black-and-white, jewel-embellished pieces reminiscent of silent movie stars. The glamorous hotel guests are followed by stylish and melodramatic silhouettes as they hunt down the mysterious villain among them.

The movie stars an all-Turkish cast of men and women who play roles with strong ties to the Dice Kayek universe. Candan Erçetin, Burak Hakkı, Rafael Cemo Çetin, and Yaz Yüceil are joined by Ahu Yağtu, Hatice Aslan, and Selma Ergeç in a strong cast of actresses. This season, Dice Kayek invites us to a legendary break, full of drama, grandeur, mystery, and murder.