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It was the first collection that Gül Ağış, the creative director and the founder of Lug Von Siga, created after lockdown. Therefore, it was kind of a summary of the new feelings explored during that three month period. When there is uncertainty, fear, hope, gratitude, anger &
frustration all mingled together. Therefore, she decided to make a collaboration with Photographer & Architect Can Dağarslanı for the movie and campaign images of LVS Spring 2021 that was like the continuation of his ‘Identities Series’ book.

Analog Diaries is the collaboration of LVS and artist Can Dağarslanı where only an analog camera is used. It is like opposition to the new digital era and the speed behind it. It was the challenge that desire of having everything right away says Ağış. One day you would wake up feeling full of hope, the other day you would be all in despair and a dark mood. There is like digging down the subconscious and exploring the feminine and masculine sides. Therefore silhouettes consist of feminine, flowing vegan dresses and masculine pants paired with oversize cotton shirts.

Ağış’s hobby of gardening and aromatherapy has made the collection more eco-friendly. She used as much as sustainable fabrics such as vegan cupro and organic cotton. The dominance of blue, beige, white, black, burgundy and dark denim colors stands out in Analog Dairies. Lug Von Siga always loves mixing the cultures and uses lots of folkloric references, fabric manipulation techniques, and embroideries coming from the Turkish roots naturally. The use of materials; craftmanship and creative pieces made the label quite well known on the global league. The brand has many global stockists among them Net-a-porter, Matches, Moda Operandi and Yoox Italia are the leading ones.