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Özlem Suer

"We're entering the heritage of time, mixing magnificence and luxury, emerging from an atmospheric floor to modern days that sweep our feet off the ground," says Özlem Süer of her new collection. Her story is the creation of a fairy-tale algorithm with an eternally beautiful energy.

We're looking for a new sensation, a search, in Özlem Süer's FW21 collection. Extending the Özlem Süer brand legacy with a romantic and cosmic vision within the collective capacity. This new energy forges a new contact channel with fashion's mystical language. With its courageous language, selective produces this splendid visual feast.

The material is addressed loudly by the colour palette, that is saturated with medium tones. The collection has an excellent optical color diversity thanks to a multi-product spectrum that includes powders, sand beiges, mink grays, sulfur yellows, and metallic effects. If the structure is the breakthrough at the collection's receiving point, the innovations in the forms boost the collection's energy.

Tulles, coated textures, jacquards, creative materials to be explored for dual uses, and the continued creation of new textile layers add value to the collection's richness. Asymmetric effects, simultaneous and multiple duplication, and the sense of coincidence are used to create draping forms. The collection's signature is the unexpected combination of paint textures and silhouettes with multiple components, resulting in a distinctive vocabulary of both periodic tastes and raised characters. The collection's experimental designs provide a fresh canvas for the fabric to articulate itself. The collection is calm and connected, with women's stories from various geographies blending each piece with a unique spirit.

We come across a work of fiction that has built and turned its own narrative into something like a life philosophy. From urban to worldwide, the collection's polyphonic spirit, the artistic vitality of women around the world, resonates.