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Dice Kayek

Forits Spri ng Summer 22 collection film, Dice Kayek teams up with long standing
collaborator, the masterful director Marie Schuller.

Fashioning a new facet of its cinematic storytelling, they stage this luminous collection as a
fantastical thriller, set in the vast estate of an 18th century French castle the Chateau dd’Aunoy.

In the aftermath of worldwide confinement, it is a celebrat ion of freedom and compassion, a
riveting reverie empowered by the wonders of Na ture.

This effervescent collection evolves Dice Kayek’s exploration of historical details through
classic items of the contemporary wardrobe Impeccable poplin shirting is trimmed with
peek a boo lace, silk mikado sculpts tailoring staples with polished p recision, occasional
crinolines giving midi dresses a dramatic twist The silhouettes culminate in a romantic blend
of 18th century inspired shirting and 70’s volumes and accessories complete with
psychedelic prints Swathed in this modern interpretation of court dress, this seasonseason’s
woman is reminiscent of a wayward aristocrat, flushed by the crisp country air.

The film opens on a seemingly idyllic scene, four girls roam free in a labyrinthic castle and
its wild English garden, relishing in the beauty of its bounty. We soon become aware of a
looming presence haunting their every move, trapping them in a nightmarish loop they can’t
seem to escape….In a sudden, synergetic motion they face this faceless foe, revealing the
strong, fearless and heavily armed fighters they actually are. In stark contrast with the ir
immaculate clothes and angelic features the ir hunt proves to be as fierce and feral as the
monster itself. A fantastical tale of faux semblants, it disguises a message of courage and
acceptance in the folds of a lavish fairytale, in a moment where our reality is most in need
of them.

The film will be airing online on Saturday, October 2 nd at 10 .00 am (cet on, on
di and D ice Kayek Instagram