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Sudi Etuz

Sudi Etuz's latest collection is a visual homage to Asian biodiversity, Turkish folklore, and the universe of "Arcade" games. Şansım Adalı, founder of Sudi Etuz, Fall 20212 collection leads us on a "underground arcade" quest with its fashion dystopia. The colors transport our minds to the cyber game world, and it connects us to digital life.

Şansım Adalı summarizes her FW21 collection which has become a celebration of different cultures as follows: “One of my biggest aspirations was to travel around Asia, one of our country's heritage routes, and take an authentic trip into the heart of modern culture. More about fact that the pandemic prohibits us from literally seeing, Sudi Etuz is achieving his dream by building his own virtual trip.”

The collection mixes traces of Central Asian tribes into Turkish mythology. In ancient Turkish culture The universe was believed to be rotated, or evolved. The word "universe," which means everything that exists, draws its etymological root from the word “dragon”.

Sudi Etuz adds another element of Turkish origin to the collection, bringing most of these historical items from Asian geography. Asian patterns come to life in the collection by merging them with Turkish myths and legends, from underground games to Japan's Sakura (cherry blossom), from Aikido gestures to dragons reflecting the cosmos.

Sudi Etuz's Autumn Winter 21 collection pairs the brand's street casual style with smart ready-to-wear genres, featuring soft hand-knitted caps, wide-cut cuffs, sustainable denim trousers made from 96% recycled fabrics in oversize forms, kimono puffs, maxi jackets, and silk print shirts. Sudi Etuz matches the brand's personalized street couture with readyto- wear to create a leisure vibe with visual effects.