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DB Berdan

DB BERDAN invites you to listen up more and consume less at FWI

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DB BERDAN is a young and sharp London based urban lux brand, launched by the matriarchal Turkish designers Beg Berdan and Deniz Berdan. DB BERDAN collections focus on genderless clothing and the eradication of heteronormativity, aiming to unite a community of like-minded individuals, that are not defined by sex, race or gender. The brand also leans on World’s issues such as pollution and consumption of its resources focusing on the contribution of fashion industry.

DB BERDAN’s socially advanced garments embrace every part of postmodern society and its passionate and spirited collections of streetwear and athleisurewear take inspiration from social rights movements, underground culture as well as environmental issues of the planet. Their designs bring a sense of pride and freedom of speech to their collections, evoking prevalent messages, as a form of protest.

Today, we all know that the World’s most urgent problem right this minute is global warming, from floods to forest fires, we have to make quick decisions. The fashion industry's contribution to these disasters are enormous. In order to prevent this, DB BERDAN has decided to operate the production without any consumption. The collection developed as an upcycle project. The designer duo aimed to reintegrate second-hand clothes back to society with upcycling techniques such as hand sewing and hand painting. DB BERDAN is now releasing seasonless, one of a kind, one piece only items to cut down consumption in production. The duo says “We are careful to use the term ‘conscious consumption’ not only as a fashion term but in a real sense.”

In order to consume less, while producing, the brand rejects seasons and continues with one collection that is trans-seasonal. To help consume less, the brand reintegrates the next generation upcycled hybrid couture with athletics. The collection includes upcycled examples of athleisure theme and includes streetwear with couture details, upcycled pieces with slogans as well as body-conscious, tight silhouettes of athleisure pieces. Together with athleisure items, denim upgrades are key pieces of the collection whereas the couture dress with “Best time to plant” slogan stands out as an eye-popping design.



Listen up!

We can’t deny that we desperately need social change. Individual action is powerful because individuals together create a collective.

⁠⁠Look, the point is that we’ve got to plant trees;

⁠The best time to plant trees was 25 years ago, the second best time is now!

Trees clean the air.

Trees cool the temperature of urban areas by providing shade.

⁠Trees prevent evaporation under their shadow to save on water!

Trees prevent water pollution by absorbing pollutants and preventing runoff.

Trees provide habitat for thousands of organisms, from small insects such as ants to birds and even mammals.

Trees prevent soil erosion.

Planting trees has both mental and physical health benefits.

Upcycle is a great way to help the environment.

The result?

- Less clothes in dumps.

- Less resources are used and wasted in production.

- Less pollution from pesticides used to grow cotton.

DB BERDAN will be showcasing their new collection digitally in MBFWI. DB BERDAN’s MBFWI video is shot by Orçun Mutlu and Anıl Can acted as the Creative Director.

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DB BERDAN is a London-based brand created by Deniz Berdan and Begum Berdan. For DB BERDAN, clothing doesn’t need to be driven by social labels; they aim to unite a community of like-minded individuals that are not defined by sex, race or gender. Within the pandemic, DB BERDAN has taken a bold action to morph their image into a functional, more compact style of living. The designer duo have marked four pillars for their collections: Functional, trans-seasonal, sterile and ethical. The brand has adapted into the new world with two collections: One is the main collection that is consisting of genderless, next-generation upcycled couture line, the other agile and tactical athleisure wear for women. It is a hybrid brand that creates upcycled, hand-sewn one-of-a-kind items alongside with athleisure line.


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