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Arzu Kaprol
Arzu Kaprol Spring Summer 2022 Collection Unveiled During Fashion Week Istanbul

Arzu Kaprol presents Spring/Summer 2022 collection –D.R.E.A.M.- inspired by Troy and dedicated to great love, in the 16th season of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Istanbul. The digital show of this new, enthusiastic, colorful collection, was shot in the magical environment of the Mağlova Arch in Istanbul. The collection is dedicated to life and serendipity.

Tailoring with Sustainability

The designs in Arzu Kaprol's Spring/Summer 2022 collection progressed with small teams and completely handcrafted under the influence of the tough conditions of the pandemic. It was planned to create maximum efficiency and minimum carbon footprint within the framework of sustainability principles. The traces of Troy and eternal loves were reflected in each design.

Each piece of the collection is respectful to nature and life. It is created with the awareness that we are only passing through this life, dancing with it, with a perspective that the only essential experience is happiness. Natural and sustainable materials are reinterpreted with Anatolia's own resources. Designs prepared with the intention of keeping the traces of the land where civilizations were born. With the idea of ​​establishing meaningful bonds with life, our own bodies and even with each other.

Vibrant Colors, Distinctive Pastels and Hand Prints

The collection is designed with the need for living and keeping colors within it, while the value of living is understood and re-internalized all over the world. Vivid colors, distinct pastels leave their mark on the season.

The caftans in the collection are designed using fine voile, raw cotton and silk. Handprints are applied with traditional wooden molds and materials produced within the framework of social sustainability. Living and keeping colors and forms are among the prominent features of the Spring/Summer 2022 caftan collection.

A Film on the Shore of the Mağlova Arch

The digital show film shot among the dreamy reflections of the Mağlova Arch in Istanbul by Serhat Özdemir, and the photographs are signature of Serkan Eldeleklioğlu.

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