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Sezgi Tüzel


Sezgi Tüzel, who started her professional design career by taking part in fashion week for the first time with the fashion show organized by Istanbul Fashion Academy, which she graduated from in 2015, is inspired by the strength created by the union of men and women in her
Fall-Winter 2022-23 collection.

In a world created thanks to the harmony by the differences between men and women, one is not decimated or more than the other. The differences are complementary to each other, and this creates a composition instead of dissociation. Compositions created by gender differences represent harmony, and everything that looks like a similarity, in fact, is a reflection.

Sezgi Tüzel, who has created her collections on men's designs so far, includes women's designs in her collection for the first time in the 2022-23 Fall-Winter season and she presents her collection of both women's and men's looks to fashionistas.

While natural fabrics such as wool and cotton are used in the collection, modernized versions of the metal accessories that have become the designer's signature and which she has included in her collections for many years are being reused. The use of the assembled-disassembled method in the designs serves the purpose of further use while increasing the functionality of the products and provides integrity in the collection by highlighting the basic principle of complementarity.

Fashion Week Istanbul (FWI) is organized by Istanbul Ready-Made Garment and Apparel Exporters’ Association (IHKIB) with the support of Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM) under the leadership of the Turkish Ministry of Trade and in partnership with the Fashion Designers Association (MTD) and Istanbul Moda Academy (IMA).

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About Sezgi Tüzel:

Sezgi Tüzel studied fashion design for 2 years at Izmir University of Economics. Later, she studied Fashion Styling at the Istanbul Fashion Academy. She did a two-year master's degree in Fashion Design and Technologies at IMA. She was eligible to participate in the fashion show organized as part of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Istanbul, which included IMA graduates, and presented her graduation collection named “Sex-less Sells”, which was selected by the selection committee. During her studies, she participated in the Who's Next contest in Paris and the NEW GEN fashion show in Istanbul with her men's clothing collections. After graduation, she registered her trademark and worked in cooperation with a PR agency in Istanbul. She still has many famous names she has dressed up, and her works have been published on the covers of both local and international magazines such as Vogue, Vogue Men, L'officiel Hommes, Elle, Jute Mag New York, Cosmopolitan, Kaltbult Magazine. In 2017, she participated in AFWEU (Asia Fashion Week Europe) in the Netherlands with her collection “Reborn”. In 2018, she participated in Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Istanbul with her collection ”Dark Steps".

Instagram: @sezgituzelofficial