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Yakup Biçer

Suminagashi, whose roots originated from Japan, has intertwined with our culture and involved our lives as a deep reflection of the universe and love with Ebru art from past to present. Showing us that it is possible to paint on water beyond writing on the water in the most challenging life periods has enabled us to discover the positive meanings of life and go deep into our soul.

Fall 2021 collection of Y Plus, which carries Japanese style and Turkish motifs, is also based on this story. In this series, we see patterns in which cobalt blue and red colours are both in perfect harmony and absolute conflict, just like in Ebru art.

This attitude is a dynamic reflection of random, self-evolving, unexpected, fascinating patterns, just like our life. These abstract patterns are obtained by first trying them on water, then transferring them to paper and converting them to digital, just like in marbling art.

Quilted and Parachute Fabrics, which reflect the importance of comfort in the last year, perhaps in the best way, took their place in the Y PLUS FW21 collection in the form of puffer coats. Most of the fabrics used in the collection are from recyclable materials with a sustainable feature.

The Y Plus collection carries different patterns and aims to change the perception of style with sophisticated, avant-garde and comfortable, unexpected layers that define ‘New Cool’ regardless of gender. The genderless identity of our brand is at the centre of our interaction with the Gen-Z.

Designer Yakup Bicer, founder and creative director of the Y Plus Brand, named the FW21 collection Ebruli. In this period of pandemic and social, cultural conflicts we are in, he said that by closely interested in Ebru Art, he strengthened his spirituality and brought the person's creativity to the fore and away from stress.