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Emre Erdemoglu


Emre Erdemoglu 2022 Autumn-Winter collection is inspired by the general structure of the balanced first aircraft and the classic pilot's clothes.

Many names in the history of flight are inspired by the collection contains important details used in the history of aviation. Removed from the chest photos of pilots in albums give the collection its soul.

Emre Erdemoglu 2022 Autumn Winter collection is dedicated to all pilots who have wings for us today. Emre Erdemoglu 2022 Autumn / Winter Collection was inspired by many portraits of people in aviation history. In all the details, the first airplanes and aircraft wings were interpreted in graphic language, the collection was accompanied by portraits of pilots. Inspired by the first aircraft, the designer presented his' WING ' collection with a different style of expression that he presented to you fashion lovers.

Non-dramatized reality, exaggerated, anxiety-free depictions of the future, reflections Emre Erdemoğlu's menswear collection, which focuses on all kinds of visual expressions, stands out.

In what we can describe as an innovative season, the collection is more holistic looks that complement each other with a structure, quality product groups that are liberated with each part, fabric the collection is prepared with qualified details in all fields from the
selection to the forms, the visual richness, its versatility accommodates different alternatives and options.

Inspired by retro pilot clothes of the 1920s-1950s, the collection features the style of today's fashion trend coats in a blended,oversize form, shirts with a print pattern, jackets with high appliqués, with plenty of pockets teams and flying deckheads are among the details we often encounter in the collection.

Timeless classical interpretations, integrated with the details created with an experimental attitude, recreate the traditional attitude it gives an opportunity to perceive. The decollete collection, where cold colors are presented together, is even more striking and it makes it fun.

With the new one-piece product qualities developed with the understanding of "Street Fashion", the player is given a personality a team understanding that will include new fit suggestions along with the usual fit suggestions this season by being designed, Emre
Erdemoglu adds a large-scale, long-lasting dynamism to his man. Private apartments the collection of fabrics strengthens the claim to breathe new life into the Turkish style. Trousers developed with high waist cuts of different sizes, jackets with a wide-shouldered
baggy silhouette and studies with rounded shoulders expand the range of recommendations and depictions. A younger and more striking silhouette concentrating on the mastery of creation, in this season, special sewing techniques will
come to the future with semi-tailor craftsmanship this reveals the optimistic attitude.