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Zeynep Tosun

Inspired by the Amazons, most powerful women who lived in Anatolia, Zeynep Tosun’s Spring 2021 Couture collection dedicated to her roots and spiritual home. Photoshoots took place in the Ancient Ruins of Ephesus, The City of The Mother Goddess.

Rumor has it that the first name of the ancient city of Ephesus came from "Apasas", which means "Mother Goddess City " in the language of the Kingdom of Arzawa, which ruled this region in ancient times for a long time. There are series of mythological stories about Amazon community that made all Anatolia their campus. They worshipped the wildlife and the moon goddess Artemis, believed to be the daughters of the god of war Ares.

Embroideries such as thick pearl necklines, snake-shaped earrings and ear cuff sets, metal accessories, leg sized rough sandals inspired by the gadgets amazon women use in wars. There is a metaphorical meaning behind all of the symbolic accessories that also reveal the Amazon women's predisposition to mysticism. Gracefully made snake figures, have been frequently used in pearl processing and wire wrapping, is a symbol of feminism since ancient times and symbolize rebirth and immortality,

Design of the new moon and sunrise figures, which refer to the awakening rituals of nature as a symbol of new beginnings, belongs to Zeynep Tosun and her team. Winding, wire breaking, knot and tassel processing techniques of Kastamonu region were also used in this endemic collection.

Highlighting craftsmanship on each piece, the main color of this collection is white; the symbol of pure power.

In Zeynep Tosun’s Spring 2021 Couture collection, many artisanal handicrafts from different regions of Anatolia were implemented by the women in that region. Each piece emerged from the hands of many different women using different techniques.

Inspired by women's power in all the collections it designs and 90% of its products are produced by women's groups throughout Anatolia based on the philosophy of fair production, the biggest motivation of the brand is to work on production models aimed at development in the region. It does various projects and has important project partners such as united nations and GAP in the field.