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Tuvana Büyükçınar, founder of TUVANAM brand, blends new trends with minimal lines in her new collection, bringing her designs together in self-confident and strong silhouttes. TUVANAM presents trends as a whole by modernizing them with a brand new perspective in her FW21 collection.

In the collection, a more vivid, more light, and a nature depicted according to more optical laws. Büyükçınar, who reflects the moment of ‘coming out of the cocoon’ to her designs in her FW21 collection, inspires hope by making a reminder to the unsheltered order we actually miss.

The collection emphasizes sustainability by including versatile items that conform to the current world order and can be worn at any time of day without sticking patterns. 3D hologramic and gradient transition sequin, lurex, satin, lace, fairy tulle, and taffeta fabrics meet with minimal embroidery details in this 23-look range.

The signatures of artistic director Eylül Ezik, videographer Onur Sarsıcı, and Hami Özkan stand out in the TUVANAM FW21 fashion show video, which was shot with five different models. Huri Murphy and Ekin Tunçeli are the art and movement directors. İsmail İnan was in charge of the hair styles, Nars of the make-up, MonReve of the accessories, and Mert Yemencioğlu of the fashion direction. The A46 company is known for its digital runway and lookbook shoots, in which every aspect is meticulously planned in the Good Spaces studio.