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During Istanbul Fashion week, academic graduate designers from Istanbul Moda Academy have showcased their collections in ‘Karma by IMA’ fashion show.

Within Fashion Week Istanbul, Essin Barış, Ezgi Karayel ve Senem Kula have showcased their collections in the Karma by IMA fashion show.


Young designers shaped by IMA Fashion Design and Technology License and Master Class: Fashion Design courses, has gotten the chance to introduce their work directly into the industry through the digital Karma fashion show.

For the Karma by IMA show, Essin Barış has created a collection with the name “Le Centre Pompidou”. Her inspiration stems from her father, Kerim Barış, who started working in a tailor’s shop when he was 13 years old. Quickly, Kerim Barış started being interested in fashion, design, prints and sewing which then led to him opening his first couture shop in İzmir and in 1982 him and his friends arrived in Paris. When Essin Barış, who was born in 1989 in paris, asked her father what really surprised him when he first visited Paris, the answer was “Le Centre Pompidou”.

This was Ezgi Karayel’s second Karma by IMA show after having graduated from IMA in 2020. This time she has presented her audience with a continuation of her final collection, explaining the relationship between art and design which she started questioning after attending Central Saint Martins. During her years at Central Saint Martins, Ezgi Karayel was subjected to the Bauhaus way of art eduction and this made her want to destroy the rigid and perfectionist structure of this form of strict education and create her own unique sense of chaotic design perception.

Senem Kula creates her collection by setting off with the motto of “waste is not waste” and the idea of ​​upcycling, it reconsiders the fabrics left over from the cutting of the main pieces in the collection in its own upcycle workshop in a way that will make the most efficient use, and incorporate it into the collection with creative and fun techniques. With the circularity and symbiosis it creates within itself, the wastes created by the collection turn into sources that will feed the collection with humorous methods, creating a habitat with a "zero waste" policy.

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Since opening its doors 13 years ago, Turkey’s leading fashion design academy Istanbul Moda Academy (IMA) has been supporting their students’ careers via creative learning methodologies and endless opportunities towards creating the fashion career of their dreams. With the abundant number of graduate designers being integrated into the industry, IMA always aids young and talented individuals to achieve their goals and ambitions in Fashion Week Istanbul.  

FWI is organised by Istanbul Apparel Exporters’ Association (İHKİB), under Ministry of Commerce, and is supported by Turkey Exporters Assembly – TIM, Turkey Promotion Group (TTG), The Fashion Designers Association (MTD), United Brands Association (BMD) and IMA.

About Istanbul Moda Academy

Istanbul Moda Academy (İMA) is one of the world-wide acclaimed, most proficient fashion schools in Turkey, offering an innovative and modern education in the field of fashion and all relevant branches.

Founded in 2007 with the cooperation of the European Union, the Ministry of Economy and Istanbul Textile and Apparel Exporters’ Associations (İTKİB) General Secretariat, İMA pursues the goal of training fashion professionals of the future, possessing an in-depth insight in fashion, design and arts as well as an awareness of the global markets. The Academy thus aims to introduce a creative, innovative and future-steering workforce in the fields of textiles and apparel, two pivotal industries in Turkey.

IMA adopting the systems and structures of internationally proven success is a member of the International Foundation of Fashion Technology Institutes (IFFTI). Besides the University of Arts London/ London College of Fashion, its strategic partner in academics, İMA collaborates with the world-famous fashion schools such as Polimoda, Institut Français de la Mod and Nottingham Trent University. İMA follows a simultaneous training program with these fashion schools and provides students with access to international fashion institutes, brands and designers.

Combining its academic content with the real life, İMA is an exclusive fashion training institution and maintains the theoretical infrastructure of the training programs and applied industry projects with the support it receives from the sector. İMA has become one of the most premium fashion schools of the world thanks to its competent academic staff, which is comprised of local and international experts with professional experience in the fashion industry; its up-to-date curriculum drafted in line with industrial needs; and its facility equipped with state-of-the-art technology; as well as the most comprehensive fashion library in Turkey.

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