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RED BEARD by Tanju Babacan

Madam Minimal

RED BEARD By Tanju Babacan shows off their new SS2022 collection ‘Radiant’ with a film called ‘Madam Minimal’ at Fashion Week Istanbul. The creative director and nft artist Burçin İnan Özel said that he wrote the story of
‘Madam Minimal’ to secure RED BEARD ’s status as a brand.

Since the beginning of RED BEARD, the brand is using couture techniques to create ready-to-wear. And this makes the brand
total opposite of Madam Minimal’s lifestyle and likes. In this short movie, director Burçin IO set a comical tone by characterizing Madam Minimal as the total opposite of maximal lifestyle.

Madam Minimal is an annoying, unsettled, borderline crazy person. While she is people watching she looses her self control as
the people of the town walk pass with their colorful, over the top, radiant, RED BEARD by Tanju Babacan SS2022 collection outfits.

This in a way is a fun little dare against minimalism.

Esra Dermancıoğlu effect…

Madam Minimal character is starred by famous Turkish actress Esra Dermancıoglu. She exposed the funny but annoying language
in the film by improvising. She brings Madam Minimal live so well that we understand her better. Esra Dermancıoglu leaves us
adoring her by her success of reflecting various moods of Madam Minimal.

The ‘bad boy’ of the town is played by Umut Eker. He, with his tattoos and style, was the center of Madam Minimal’s attention.
Women of the town who were attacked by Madam Minimal played by Gizem Barlak, Maria Aslanbey, Aslı Gürel and Mikaela Gomes.
Director Burçin IO designed the sounds of the film. Only soundtrack in the film is ‘Get Wrecked’ by Bedük feat. Deniz Taşdemir.

All the outdoor scenes have been filmed in green box of Arena Istanbul. Technical Director of the film is Murat Kayran. Makeup by NARS, Hair design by Sabit Akkaya. Shoes by Özkan Aslan.

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