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‘I planted the seeds of Anatolian motifs into the mystic lands 15000 km away!’

The 9th Wearable art collection of BASHAQUES is named after the Quechuan language spoken by the Peruvian Indians, the Incas.
‘Aynı' (IDENTICAL) in the Quechua language; It means 'To return a favor, today it is for you, tomorrow for me!' and is used for collective work areas in several communities.

Witnessing the surprising alikeness of Anatolian motifs and those used by Peruvian and Colombian natives, the designer spent 42 days in South America. She went to see how the weaving art that we lost in Anatolia is still alive there, had Turkish motifs wowen by the female natives of Peru and blended the two cultures by her creativity and inspiration. When she returned, she took the designs there to blend with the villages of Anatolia where weaving is still active and continued the production of fabrics with the women in Turkey .A new Wearable art collection has emerged as proof of common cultural heritage.

Alpaca wool, sheep wool, natural fibers, natural cotton, hand-woven fabrics were used in the collection. 3000-year-old jewelry from the Inca Civilizations was reinterpreted and accessories were designed in collaboration with Bodhita & Bashaques. In addition, SS22-23 Swimwear collection was added in cooperation with Salty People from all specially designed patterns of the collection.

Basak Cankeş, who went to 20 different villages and turned the collection into a 45-minute documentary at the same time, said,
“Actually, I embarked on an adventure in Anatolia where the scenes I saw in the places my mother took me as a guide in my childhood are still alive. This entire collection is the loom we weave between the cultural heritage in Anatolian lands and the South American weavings. As a designer who produces a maximum of 3 pieces of each product, this year I will be trying to carry the art of weaving from the ground to the human body. I am also very excited to announce that this collection will be on the NFT market for the digital art lovers.’

Dura Production and Alper Kuruçaylı directed the documentary of the collection, which is titled 'On THE TRACK OF WEARABLE ART’ and the fashion Film. The Fashion Film and campaign photographs of the collection were taken by Alper Kuruçaylı.

*Is it IDENTICAL? in Turkish.


Sustainability – How your garments are manufactured, what fabrics and processes are used, how your factories are powered, how your employees are treated and paid etc.

All the fabrics of the collection are made by hand weavers in Peru and Anatolia and the patterns of the weavings are mixtures of Anatolia, Peru, and Columbia. After the production of the fabrics in South America and Anatolia, they are photographed and turned into digital prints by Başak Cankeş.
She manipulated the original pieces with her taste and created sustainability about these one-of-a-kind hand weavings. No factories are being used in the collection. The collection is %80 hand weaving and % 20 digital printing all sewed in the fashion house of BASHAQUES at ALAÇATI- İZMİR.

The designer, her assistant, and her tailor lived in the same house during the production of this collection as you will watch in the documentary of the collection. Also, the director of the documentary was in the same house and all of this collection was designed on the way of South America. All fabrics and Kilims were produced by the artisans of the villages in both countries and in the end, they all came to BASHAQUES fashion house to finalize the collection and the documentary.

Commitment to support LGBTQ+ and/or other social causes - Whether you are part of the LGBTQ+ community, whether you use your work to support social causes including women’s rights/feminism etc.

All the fabrics of the collection made by native woman communities of North America and Anatolia. And also %20 of the collection is Unisex.

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