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Meltem Özbek

Meltem Özbek’s Fall 2020 collection film was launched as part of Fashion Week Istanbul, which took place on streaming platforms from April 13 to April 16.

The collection is rooted around the theme of "healing," which might also refer to physiological or spiritual healing, recovery, or relief. Instead of just a thematic collection, Meltem zbek and her team this season attempt to discover our inner selves by searching for patterns on feelings and behavior. This exploration is motivated by the FW21 collection, which maintains us from being disconnected from ourselves during the pandemic phase, when we are fighting conventional macro and micro environments.

Özbek’s FW21 Revival collection, aims to build ‘impact and resilience’ for the future by mixing the dual opposition between the positive and negative balance of life with the instinct to put all kinds of disagreements together. It is shaped in the focus of "healing, liberation, air" that we lack in the process we live in.

Midnight black, earthy brown, sky blue, cream, and white tones are dominant in the collection, which speaks to all women seeking a free and oversimplified appearance as well as healing. Satin, gabardine, leather, and poplin fabric collections meet with asymmetric outlines and sharp edges that have been the designer's signature in Revival, which consists of 30 parts and 18 looks. The line features jacket-trouser coats, ties, and skirts that can seamlessly be worn from day to night. This season's collection also has phenomenal bag styles for wallets and airpods in a multitude of triangular shapes.