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Gökhan Yavaş



History is always repeating itself, yesterday it was someone else who left, today it's someone else... Now a completely different story has to be written, different from the others. To swear not to leave, remembering those who left: “THE LAST CALL”

Throughout history, no matter at what time period, the lives of the “others” are like fairy tales whose pain, darkness, and beauty are always very close, but so far away, connected to a cause. The exchangers of the 20s, the non-Muslims of Istanbul of the 40s, the young people of the streets of the 70s... Some of them put the heaviest loads of memories in their suitcases, while others did not even have time to prepare, they left their families, friends, homes...

“The Last Call” collection of GOKHANYAVAS, which is screened as a part of Fashion Week Istanbul, consists of a total of 60 pieces along with accessories such as scarves, berets, hats. Unlike the usual GOKHANYAVAS collections so far, black is the dominant color while blue and red shades standin out among the designs. From the most natural shades of cotton color to the brightest, the collection in which there are stunning outwear pieces , includes both bomber jackets in a sports style and coats that can be combined with a classic style.

In general, recycled poly-viscose, 100% cotton denim and knitted fabrics were included in the collection and it was also important to have these features again in waterproof and metallic-looking pieces. Gökhan Yavaş, the designer who took the first steps to sustainable fashion in the “Last Call” collection, upcycle the leftover parts of fabrics that were previously produced for different purposes, especially for pants, ponchos and sweatshirts designs, to produce pieces that complement the collection.

The main sponsor of the film “Last Call” by GOKHANYAVAS, which is screened as part of Fashion Week Istanbul, was Ci Group – Cihan Aktaş, while its production is done by Rönesans Fashion and Event Management. The film was choreographed by Akif Örük, with Doğukan Ayar in the director's chair. The collection photos were taken by Umut Tunç, while Alper Erbudak took over the styling, and the hair and makeup designs were sponsored by Altier Academy.

Fashion Week Istanbul (FWI) is organized by Istanbul Ready-Made Garment and Apparel Exporters’ Association (IHKIB) with the support of Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM) under the leadership of the Turkish Ministry of Trade and in partnership with the Fashion Designers Association (MTD) and Istanbul Moda Academy (IMA).

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Born in İzmir in 22.11.1988. Graduated from DEU Fine Arts Textile and Fashion Design in 2012. Then completed the education programmes of IMA; “Leather Wear, Shoe and Accessory Design” in 2013 and “Fashion Design and Management” in 2015. Did internship at designers and companies like ÜNİTEKS, MUDO-FTS 64 and SÖKTAŞ. Worked as a designer in “Tornado Leather” between 2013 and 2015, and in “Damat & Tween” between 2015 and 2017. Attended shows, contests and prizes are; “New Gen Show”, Fall 2017 Men Collection,’Byakko’, 2017, 24th Koza Young Fashion Designers Contest, Runner-Up Prize, 2016, “New Gen Show”, SS2016 Men Collection, ‘Step Up’, 2015, "IF Wedding Fashion Performance Show", ‘Butterfly Caught’, 2013, Detail Leather, Product Design Contest, Shoe Category, Second Runner-Up Prize, IF Wedding 2nd Wedding Gown Design Contest, Winner. Today he took his place in streetfashion by his own brand; named after him “GOKHANYAVAS” in August 2017. His passion is to bring a brand new look to his street fashion. Therefore, the brand met with new customers on 13-14 September 2017 “The Core Istanbul” and showed his style for the first time. Participated in Mercedes Benz Fashion Week with his first own-named collection on 27 March 2018.

Instagram: @gokhannyavasofficial