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TAGG Autumn 2022, Root

TAGG’s founder and creative director Gokay Gundogdu concentrated on silhouettes this season. The creation of empowering shapes with colors used in palaces made him work on a new elegance. Minimal aesthetic matched with monochrome color blocks creates eye-catching forms. TAGG aims to create collections of the moment yet timeless, clothes with no expiration date.

Eventhough the sculptural tailoring, fluid shapes with layering pants under long tunics; shirts, dresses and overpieces with capes are references from palaces during Ottoman times, the pieces in the collection are notable as potential wardrobe investments for all time. The colors used are from the palaces’ interiors in Istanbul such as Dolmabahce Palace, Topkapi Palace, and Ciragan Palace.

Shades of beige come from Ciragan Palace which was built during a period in which all Ottoman sultans built their own palaces rather than using those of their ancestors; Çırağan Palace is the last example of this tradition. The inner walls and the roof were made of wood, the outer walls of colorful marble. Red color comes from the carpets covering all the stairs, lilac tones used in upholstery in the haremlique part of Dolmabahçe Palace. The design of the palace contains eclectic elements from the Baroque, Rococo and Neoclassial styles. Mint green inspired from the arcs on the ceilings and the wall of tiles in the restored sections of Topkapi Palace.

Iznik lapis tiles with tulip pattern on a wall in the courtyard of the Harem of Topkapi Palace also inspired Gokay Gundogdu to make belts of tulips in a very modern form of the most iconic flower of the wealthy times of the Ottoman Empire called also Tulip Era.

This period is thought to be the most refined period of Ottoman culture and art. Many initiatives, including literature, miniature, scientific studies and industrial moves, were also attempted in this period. Momentum in miniature, painting and decorative arts reached its peak at this time.

Referencing these cultural elements on the collection, did not steal from the signature of his approach on minimal aesthetics and empowering message of his shapes, but also emerged a modern version of his roots more connected to real life.

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