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Hatice Gökçe

Coming into the forefront not only with a clothing collection but also a chic manifesto, Designer Hatice Gökçe made her mark on a new collection for FALL 2021 season with the contribution of Baksı Museum and Aksa Akrilik’s Acrycycle brand. She created a collection, that everyone can wear for many years, for Fashion Week Istanbul from ihram fabric specific to Bayburt Region and recycled acrylic fiber from Acrycycle.

With the Newborn FW21 Collection, the past, present and future of wool come together. With her desire to show her respect to the past by using the ihram fabric, her commitment to the present by using 100% natural fabrics containing pure wool, produced by İpekiş fabric and her hope for the future by using the future’s fiber Acrycycle to the whole world, Hatice Gökçe once again reveals her eternal love with fabric thanks to her new collection.

Hatice Gökçe, who always finds the energy and expectations of a conscious, respectful and more sensitive new generation very inspiring, meets these expectations with an effective solution by adding an identity card to each design. When we ask about these identity cards, she summarizes her approach as follows:

“All my life, I have always been very sensitive to my environment, nature – briefly our world. Knowing that the textile sector is the second largest polluting sector in the world has always led me to make more environmentally sensitive designs and productions. I am making this dream a reality with this collection. With this card, you can see who weaves the fabric, who produces the yarn, and who performs the sewing.”

With this collection she calls ‘Newborn’, she shows her respect to nature by using 95% environmentally-friendly materials. More than half of the woven pieces in the collection are recycled, barcoded and made from traceable and recycled acrylic fiber from Acrycycle. Featuring 24 looks, the collection is totally produced from environmentally-conscious fabrics.

Hatice Gökçe expresses that it is not enough to qualify the ihram fabric – representing respect to the past – only as a regional fabric, and that she is excited to present this valuable fabric to the world. She also designed a capsule collection of 30 different models for the Baksı Museum with ihram. Consisting of practical and chic designs offering double-sided use with two different fabrics inside and out, this collection features ihram fabrics produced in old benches in the region, and the models were designed to transform fabric into clothing with minimal waste.