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In the new chapter, T.A.G.G. women are getting ready to walk the streets of the city. They go up and down the stairs of the city built on seven hills, and pass subways and bridges. Step by step from Sarayburnu to the Golden Horn, on the shore of the Bosphorus.
Walking is a creative action, not jogging between two distances. It is an uproar that will both retreat to our own loneliness and transform us as a society. Thus, a person that walks unravels the tangles of anxiety and fear that have collapsed on him and knots his existence into the eternally new heart of the earth. This is why the knots that we frequently encounter in the collection exist.

Believing in the healing effect of walking, designer Gökay Gündoğdu builds his multi-layered collection on pieces that will make it easier to move around the city. He pursues clear lines that do not drown in tiring and heavy details. Trench coats and windbreakers accompanying the pairs are transformed into the uniforms of the flâneuses walking the city. Black, white, beige and red dominating the collection allow T.A.G.G. women to blend in with the texture of the city.

Defending that it is inevitable to create a timeless wardrobe in the name of sustainability, the designer blends items that can be worn on special occasions with daily items with a conformist perspective. Hoods, pockets and laces bring an everyday touch to stylish pieces. Based on the effect of our clothing style on our mood, T.A.G.G. emphasizes it’s usual strong forms quietly but firmly this season as well.